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  • Würth MRO Global

Founded in 1945, Würth Group as a global brand in the field of MRO industrial maintenance, has nearly 80 years history of product service and experience. Würth focus on various industries and further provide our global customers with high quality MRO products as well as on-site professional technical services. Since the establishment of the branch company Würth China in 1994,  Würth sales team and national service network have continuously expanded and till now covered more than 100 cities and regions across China. Our professional team focus on timely responding to customer needs and to provide our clients with customized on-site support.

  • Product Coverage

Würth headquarters in Künzelsau, Germany, providing MRO products for customers of production industries and assembly maintenance workshops. Würth products are manufactured under the strict German quality inspection system which aligned with Würth group. Meanwhile, Würth actively studies and develops series of products that are superior to European and Chinese domestic industry standards. The variety of MRO related product categories covering hand tools, power tools, fasteners, chemicals, personal protective equipment, workshop equipment, measuring tools, cutting abrasive, electrical materials and a full range of materials and stocking management system, in order to meet the diversified needs of customers.

  • Technical Solution Industry Coverage

Würth has fruitful experience in MRO-related applications and ranks in the front among the world leaders. In China, we have customers in various industries, including auto manufacturing, oil and gas, electric power, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, food and beverage, tobacco, paper making, medical equipment, etc. We provide with customized solutions, on-site training, operation guidance, and a full range of sales services to customers.


  • Onsite System Solution & Service

Würth is also providing ORSYⓇ (One-stop purchasing and stocking management system), ORSYⓇmat, REFILLOⓇcans, System boxes,

CPSⓇKANBAN such efficient material management system, to satisfy customer's increasing standard needs on material management, and further to provide customers with effective and continuously optimized C-Parts management solutions.