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On-site support

Würth China has a sales team of more than 400 people.

In addition to sales, we also provide you with various service support, so that you can gradually become familiar with using our products for work.

  • Product training
  • Product demonstration
  • Promotional materials support
  • Sales training


Mode 1: Würth Training Center

We have six training points in China

Mode 2: On-site training

Our professional trainers will go to the store for product and sales training

Mode 3: Online training

We have a perfect online training system to solve customer training needs in real time


After-sales services

Würth (China) After-Sales Service Center

Würth not only provides the best products, but also provides the best service. Würth (China) after-sales service center, located in Tianjin, radiates all sales companies in Würth China. We mainly provide after-sales repair, calibration and maintenance of torque wrenches, pneumatic tools, electric tools, hand tools and hydraulic tools owned by Würth to meet different needs of customers.

No matter what happens to the tools you buy, we will wholeheartedly provide you with professional after-sales service.


Supply chain management

Würth Greater China Supply Chain Center is located in Haiyan, a 1.5-hour drive from Shanghai, where we deliver goods to customers in automobile aftermarket, assembly equipment maintenance, construction, transportation and other major industries all over the country.