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Delivery with reliability
On the Knife-Edge? Not with us!

As your comprehensive C-Parts partner, we invest continuously in innovative logistics solutions, further development of our digital supply systems, dynamic procurement of goods and our employees.

On the Knife-Edge? Not with us!

As your comprehensive C-Parts partner, we invest continuously in innovative logistics solutions, further development of our digital supply systems, dynamic procurement of goods and our employees.


“Those who act while others are still talking are a great step ahead in life” John F. Kennedy

As your comprehensive C-Parts partner, our strategy is designed to invest continuously in innovative logistics solutions, further development of our digital supply systems, dynamic procurement of goods and our employees.


To put this in figures, we have

  • more than 250,000 products in-stock
  • more than 99% delivery reliability in the production supply
  • more than 20,000 customers and more than 6,800 system customers
  • more than 20,000 fully-automated system modules in use
  • more than 500,000 items recorded as outgoing goods in a month

Our approach to ensure a seamless delivery and availability of the required parts


Procurement gone global

Our purchasing is organised centrally and is responsible for procurement and enquiries regarding new projects from all the European companies. The resulting bundling effects as well as the frequent high volume of enquiries make us a preferred customer for manufacturers from all over the world and this in turn will guarantee good terms for you. Our multiple supplier strategy in the global procurement markets will offer you additional security. The decision on the quantity of purchase is not regulated solely by rigid parameters within our disposition. The experts decide on the disposition parameters as well as the purchasing volume which enables an anticyclical purchase. By operating proactively, extensively monitoring the suppliers and stocking up the products adequately, we were able to fulfil all our delivery commitments in the production sector in spite of the restrictions due to lockdowns in several countries.

Innovative logistics as linchpin

WÜRTH GROUP GREATER CHINA CENTRAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER is considered as one of the most advanced logistics centres for industrial supplies in China. It has super storage capacity of up to 150,000 locations, and its inventory space will expand to 500,000 locations in the future. At present, there are more than 50,000 different materials in the warehouse at the same time. Besides, we also use innovative technologies such as optical sorting system, automatic sorting system and conveyor belt system to continuously optimize our internal logistics. At the same time, with the joint efforts of our strong logistics network and transportation logistics partners, WÜRTH GROUP GREATER CHINA CENTRAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER can provide accurate, fast and timely delivery to all customers in China and even in the Asia-Pacific region!


Digital systems for absolute reliability

The available space in your production building is limited. But we do not believe in being on a knife-edge. To ensure utmost security, we always plan a solid buffer which is individually adaptable to your delivery cycle. Because we all know that a constant and linear use of C-Parts exists only in theory.

The good thing is that our systems are designed to think for themselves, identify changes in your requirements in time and automatically reorder for you. For e.g. through tried and tested use of RFID technology in production and ORSY®mat vending machines in maintenance, the requirements are immediately notified, reorders are automatically triggered and delivery cycles are reduced. All with the aim of ensuring seamless supply of your individual parts directly to the place of use.

Transparency for your data

Our inside staff receives timely information regarding any fluctuations in demand or shortages of supply proactively from the system. Our SAP system, which is responsible for the disposition of your C-Parts and our Kanban Management System (KMS) run in the background with intelligent parameters, which detect and report any irregularities. Our information software WIS-Portal offers further support by giving real-time insight in your Kanban system.


Collective expertise of a team

It is now more evident than ever that employees are the most important asset for the company. To put it in a nutshell: Each customer is attended to by his personal point of contact from the office and field staff in every country - personally and regularly through contactless form of communication i.e. digital and electronic. Individual system administrators are also available onsite for logistics handling. Specialised professionals and teams of experts for different product groups such as occupational safety, chemicals, special and drawing parts as well as workplace design and also for system solutions such as vending machines or RFID Kanban ensure that you optimally use our products and systems as per your requirements.

Financial stability of a family business

Würth Group achieved global sales of 14.4 billion euros in 2020. C-parts is one of the core businesses of Würth Group. The Group has high hopes for its market prospects and gives continuous capital investment. With the stable financial support of the Group, we can still give sustainable investment to our partners and customers, and carry out system innovation closer to users' needs even when the overall economic development slows down.


Maximum supply security is of utmost importance.

We are your comprehensive partner in production material and operating resources. We combine product and system expertise and thus offer “all from one single source”. With our brand promise “C-Parts. With Certainty.”, we constantly focus on maximum process and supply security as well as maximum certainty of system and product quality. In the wake of increasing digitalisation, we are now looking forward with processes and systems having highest level of innovation - automated, digital and contactless - together with you and our technology partners.


We are here for you!


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