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ORSY®mat Vending machine system

From order to delivery, a variety of ORSY ®mat vending machine systems help you achieve full automation of material management, in line with Industry 4.0.

ORSY®mat Vending machine system

From order to delivery, a variety of ORSY ®mat vending machine systems help you achieve full automation of material management, in line with Industry 4.0.

Maximum security for your materials management

Consumables such as personal protective equipment, tools or machines with irregular, unpredictable requirements play a significant role in your company's cost and efficiency balance sheet. It is not so much the cost of the materials that matter, but rather their procurement or a shortage of operating supplies that cost you and your employees a lot of time and money.

In addition to our system solutions for production material, Würth offers a holistic, modular concept for auxiliary and operating materials. With the dispensers, we take care of the delivery, the storage and stocking up to the fully automatic replenishment of your auxiliary and operating materials. All processes are transparent and completely traceable. Due to the existing authorization concept, the withdrawal permissions can be assigned individually per user. This prevents unwanted withdrawals. Furthermore, you profit from the advantage that your auxiliary and operating materials are available 24 hours a day. As a result, you are no longer dependent on the opening hours of your material issue department.

The application is very simple: simply login, remove the product and the system automatically triggers the reordering.

Individual vending systems for auxiliary and operating materials

In order to meet the different requirements, our vending machine models are available in a multitude of variants and offer a maximum of flexibility. Together with you, we develop your individual dispenser system tailored to your work situation and your product range. The installation only requires a power connection. The communication with our merchandise management system runs via the mobile network.

If there is a need for the use of several vending machine systems, the different variants of ORSY®mat FP, ORSY®mat HX and ORSY®mat RT and ORSY®mat DR can be connected. One single machine then controls the entire machine group. Therefore, only one central registration is required to remove articles from the different systems.

Flap based vending machine
Flap based vending machine

The flap based vending machine is a real all-rounder and enables the storage and provision of various articles and consumables.

The ORSY®mat FP is available in ten variants with up to 72 flaps. Due to the different flap sizes, this vending machine type is suitable for very large items such as protective helmets or work shoes.

In addition, the ORSY®mat FP is used for transparent returnable handling, e.g. by securely storing, dispensing and re-stocking machines after use.

Helix based vending machine
Helix based vending machine

Our helix based vending machine can be individually assembled according to your requirements with regard to assortment variety, article size and quantity.

One ORSY®mat HX machine offers space for up to 48 different products and 1,000 units.

This vending machine model is particularly suitable for the individual removal of auxiliary and operating materials as well as industrial safety articles. The machine recognizes the output of the last article of a packaging unit and then triggers the automatic re-ordering.

Rotation system for various articles
Rotation system for various articles

The ORSY®mat RT is particularly suitable for manufacturing companies that require a large number of different small to medium-sized auxiliary and operating equipment.

It offers 8 to 48 compartments per level and can therefore be used to supply up to 384 different articles.

The compartments provide secure article storage, allowing the machine to be filled with single articles regardless of the packaging unit.

New vending machine technologies. New applications.

The ORSY®mat WGT and ORSY®mat CHE vending machines are self-contained systems that operate independently from the dispenser models listed above.

Weighing system

ORSY®mat WGT – Weighing system

The ORSY®mat WGT recognises article withdrawals on the basis of integrated load cells, which store the weight of the deposited article. This technology allows you to remove individual articles independently of the packaging unit. In addition, it is possible to remove several articles from the machine at the same time - as is the case with an ordinary material cabinet. As soon as the machine is closed after removal, it automatically counts the article stock. This gives you a full stock overview at all times.

Due to load cells in different sizes, the system is suitable for the management of almost all auxiliary and operating materials. Even large-volume items such as protective suits, leather gloves or large grinding wheels can be optimally stored in the ORSY®mat WGT. One machine offers space for a maximum of 80 different articles.

If several vending machines with weighing systems are used, they are networked with each other. In this case, one dispensing system is used for control, which means that all existing units can be accessed with a single login.

ORSY®mat CHE – The hazardous substance system


Chemical-technical products such as brake cleaners, lubricants or corrosion protection sprays are essential in production, maintenance and servicing. However, the procurement often involves many manual processes and the storage is usually carried out in a central hazardous material warehouse. This costs you a lot of time and money.

The hazardous materials system ORSY®mat CHE is used for the safe, legally compliant and clear storage of hazardous materials. Like the other ORSY®mat models, the system also recognizes article withdrawals and automatically triggers re-orders if necessary. This means you can also rely on a secure supply of chemical-technical products.

The ORSY®mat CHE is available in two sizes and is suitable for both cans and canisters. The number of levels is variable so that the storage space is optimally used

Advantages of the dispenser at a glance

  • Supply security through automated re-ordering
  • 24-hour availability
  • Reduction of shrinkage through access protection
  • Process cost savings (taking over the determination of requirements, notification of requirements, reordering, delivery of goods and system filling – if required)
  • Complete transparency of all processes, withdrawals and orders
  • Adaptation to your individual range of articles through modular design
  • Simple connection and integration into the material supply system
  • Optimal use of storage space
  • Simple integration into the existing material supply system
  • Safe and needs-based storage
  • Cost center assignment