Introduction of Würth China

Würth Group entered China in 1994, following the trend of localization and digitalization, has been vigorously developing a multi-channel strategy. For decades, we have inherited the family spirit, bravely assumed social responsibility and steadily accelerated the expansion of the Chinese market.

Würth focuses on details to connect the world. While strictly following the high-quality standards in the skill field, we provide the same quality and service worldwide to every individual in various industries to help them improve skills and achieve targets.

Würth provides customers with more than 125,000 products, including chemicals, tools, PPE, material processing, anchors, fasteners, and our ORSY system solutions, serving industries such as automobile maintenance, assembly and maintenance, rail transportation, urban construction and doors and windows.

Würth China is headquartered in Shanghai and has 7 branches nationwide. In order to provide customers with convenient and efficient logistics services, Würth has established Central Distribution Center covering an area of more than 56,000 square meters and the first self-operated industrial chemical warehousing and logistics center in Zhejiang.