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A Mixed Reality Remote Maintenance Platform


A Mixed Reality Remote Maintenance Platform


HoloMaintenance is a remote assistance platform that helps professionals in manufacturing and maintenance companies to remotely carry out complex technical or troubleshooting tasks for the installed machinery.

HoloMaintenance uses technologies such as mixed reality, video calls, sharing of images and A/R annotations to improve the communication and speed up assistance interventions as much as possible, thus saving time and money and optimizing the use of resources.Thanks to the Cloud, it is possible to digitize all the service know how acquired by the company and technicians and make it available in real time for everyone.

HoloMaintenance and its integrated services improve overall after sales services by drastically reducing downtime thanks to the real time availability of one or more technicians.



A Remote Assistance Platform

  • Carry out complex technical or troubleshooting tasks
  • Solve problems and failures of own or customer-installed machinery

High Technology

  • Application of new technologies: Mixed Reality, video calls, and A/ R annotations
  • Improved and prompt communication
  • Accelerated assistance interventions

Real time communication

  • Digitization of know-how thanks to Cloud
  • Real time information exchange for everyone
  • Drastic reduction of downtime

Advantages of mixed reality

With HoloMaintenance, front line operators do not necessarily have to have a high technical specialization, thanks to tools such as:

  • Interactive Knowledge Tree based on a Question and Answer Mechanism
  • Video Tutorial
  • Audio Video Chat
  • Live Sharing of Documents, 3D Models and Animated Instructions that can be used immediately in Complex Interventions
How it works?

How Holomaintenance works?


  • Managing the available licenses
  • Create the products folders
  • Upload the files in the product folders
  • Prepare the troubling shooting Q&A


  • Connecting to the operator to support
  • Upload files and annotations during the call
  • Possibility to call in another expert
  • Fill in the call - log “ticket”
  • HOLOLINK temporary operator link sending


  • Connecting with the expert to receive support
  • Check the available troubleshooting and document to be uploaded through MX technology

User Firendly

User Firendly
User Firendly
User Firendly

Application Fields

Application Fields
Extended Collaboration
  • Reduction on-field interventions
  • Quicker support provided by experienced technicians
  • Scaling expertise improves productivity & scalability
  • Increase in first-time fix rate
  • Knowledge creation and sharing in real time
Application Fields
Extended Maintenance
  • Improvement in efficiency from accurate work instruction
  • Reduce complexity in procedures
  • Increase uptime and machine availability
  • Improvement in safety (hands-free resolution)
  • Less skills required to perform onsite maintenance
Application Fields
Extended Training
  • Better situation awareness increases safety
  • Increase in motivation of learners

Your Benefits

Improve assistance

Improve your company's diagnosis, inspection and technical support processes

Reduces costs by up to 75%

Reduces travel and travel costs for operational staff by up to 75% from the first day of use

Reduces the experts in the field

Enhance communication between technicians and support by reducing the need for field experts

Optimize resource yield

Improve junior resource yield and maximize senior time and experience

Reduced errors

Improves the transfer of know how by reducing errors in service procedures

Immediate intervention

Production blocks reduced by up to 30% thanks to timely problem solving